Types of Lensbaby


Hello there.

As I promised before, I will review the 4 types of Lensbaby that are now available in the market.

1. Lensbaby Composer – With this lens, you can tilt the lens the way you want it and then get the focus with a manual focus ring. This lens doesn’t come with a locking machine, but it will stay in your desired bent position anyway. This lens comes with f/2.8, f/4, f/5.6, f/8, f/11, f/16, and f/22 aperture disks for $270.

(Simply bend the lens to move to your desired position, find the focus, and click! You’re all set.)

2. Lensbaby Muse – This lens is more playful than the composer one, because with this lens, you get to use your fingertips to squeeze the collar and find the focus. After finding your desired focus, you can bend the lens in any direction before you capture a picture. Lensbaby Muse also comes with f/2.8, f/4, f/5.6, f/8 aperture disks and is available in two types of optics, double glass optic, which is sharper for $150 and with plastic optic for $100.

(Squeeze and bend it the way you like it, baby!)

3. Lensbaby Control Freak – As what the name says, this lens is designed for those who demand more control. You can bend and squeeze the lens to find your angle, then lock it by pressing a button once you’re set. After locking it, you can start finding your desired focus by using the focus ring or by rotating the three metal posts. This lens is perfect for macro photography because you can get a really close focus by pushing the back of the focus ring. For all the control freaks out there, you can get this Lensbaby Control Freak for $350.

(Squeeze, bend, then lock it! Everything is under control.)

4. Lensbaby Scout – This is the only lensbaby that doesn’t bend. Scout is the perfect solution for those searching for a more affordable Fisheye photography. The reason it is perfect for Fisheye is because with this unbent lens, the object will always be centered. This lens comes with a 12mm Fisheye optic, providing an extreme close focus that will give you a unique view of the world that you capture – all for $250.

(See the world from a unique point view without having to bend or squeeze.)

Now that you are familiar with all the types of Lensbaby, it’s time to decide which one is the most perfect for you!

Wanna more about the accessories of Lensbaby and what tricks you can do with them? Stay tune!


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